RTK Survey

RTK Survey

SmartRTK is an Android Hi Cloud Software, completely developed in Italy from a mathematicians and open field technicians.

Hi Cloud is the main function of this software. Every registered point is saved on Cloud of several security servers which allow the user to view his works on different devices and through a dedicated web portal, useful for GNSS Survey and also for mixed survey with GNSS Receiver and Total Station.

Cloud function allow to never missed a stacked point, so in this way you’ll always have the survey in your pocket!
It is great for VRS Rover. SmartRTK has all settings to work in Base-Rover mode, included channel settings and the frequencies.
Our software is already optimized and tested for all the South Group receivers such as Sanding, Kolida, South and Ruide. It works fine also with GG02, GG02 Plus, GG04 and GG04 Plus Leica receivers, some Stonex, Trimble, Emlid Receivers and all the instruments in which it is possible to select NMEA scripts, necessary to get the FIXED.
SmartRTK allow the survey on Google Maps, but also on CAD and OMS maps.
COGO and WMS functions are available in the main menu of the software.
To be really flexible for every user needs, SmartRTK can import and export files in different formats, like: COORDINATE, DXF, PREGEO, XLS, SHAPE and GOOGLE EARTH.
WMS Function is very useful for catastal survey.
With “Easy Mode” function the user can set orientation manually or automatically. This is helpful during tracking mode.

TItl Sensor is already set on our software and can be used with IMU inertial sensors and with magnetometric slope sensors.

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